Georgia superintendent race stakes: Controversial education policy, teacher pandemic woes

Left, State School Superintendent Richard Woods, right, Democratic candidate Alisha Thomas-Searcy. The two made their cases for why they should lead Georgia’s public schools in a debate Oct. 17. (Ross Williams/Georgia Recorder)

Republican State Superintendent Richard Woods is being challenged by Democratic former state Rep. Alisha Searcy in the Georgia midterms.

Woods has been endorsed by the Georgia Association of Educators, which usually endorses Democrats.

But even though the nationwide discussion over critical race theory dominated headlines over the last year, and Georgia’s latest and controversial “divisive concepts” law passed in the 2022 legislative session, this unique matchup has gotten little attention.

Both Woods and Searcy joined WABE’s “Morning Edition” to discuss why education should stay at the top of voters’ minds this election cycle.

Lily Oppenheimer contributed to this report.