Strollin' Down Sweet Auburn

The Sweet Auburn Curb Market has endured for decades and weathered many ups and downs. (File photo)

The “Strollin’ Down Sweet Auburn” series takes a look at the significance of Atlanta’s historical Sweet Auburn neighborhood and how it has transformed over the years.

In a three part series, WABE’s Kenny Murry looks at the establishments that have persisted over time as the city around them changes, the economic development of the district, as well as its religious and civil rights core.

Murry said he learned of the stories behind the area after attending nearby Georgia State University.

Named the “Wealthiest Negro Street in the World” by Fortune magazine in 1956, Sweet Auburn Avenue lost a lot of that wealth over the 20th century as integration allowed Black residents to branch out.

Murry joined WABE’s “All Things Considered” to talk about what he learned in his reporting.