Ossoff Credits Georgians With COVID-19 Relief Package: ‘Thank You To Georgia Voters For Making This Possible’

Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga., speaks at a joint hearing on Capitol Hill, Washington, in February.

Andrew Harnik / AP Photo

One of Georgia’s newest U.S. Senators emphatically stands behind the new, $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package. Sen. Jon Ossoff also credited Georgia voters with making the nationwide aid a reality saying, “If we had not won those two runoff elections in January, we could not have passed this legislation.”

Ossoff says it’s the most progressive economic relief legislation passed in generations — and that it could mean upwards of $10,000 in financial aid for a working-class family of four by way of stimulus checks and tax breaks.

I am walking to the Senate floor where I will vote to confirm Merrick Garland as AG.

Vaccines will be available to Georgians 55 years and older starting next week.


— Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) March 10, 2021

In addition, while House Democrats in Washington are working on federal legislation to protect voting rights, Republican lawmakers in Georgia are pushing legislation that Ossoff and other Democrats say would restrict voting access.

“There is little more shameful for an elected official to do than to abuse their power to disenfranchise the very people they represent,” Ossoff said.

Ossoff spoke with “Morning Edition” host Lisa Rayam about the stimulus package and what he says Georgians can do to protect their vote.

Christopher Alston contributed to this report.