Center for Puppetry Arts introduces a jazz great to kids with 'Duke Ellington's Cat'

The Center for Puppetry Arts introduces Duke Ellington to a new generation with its musical production "Duke Ellington's Cat." (Courtesy of Brandon Harris)

Duke Ellington is considered the greatest jazz composer and band leader of his time, composing thousands of scores. His career spanned from the roaring 20s and the Harlem Renaissance through the Civil Rights movement. 

Though young children today may not know his name, the Center for Puppetry Arts is doing its part to introduce the Duke to young eyes and ears with their returning musical production of “Duke Ellington’s Cat.” The show chronicles the early life and times of the legendary musician through the eyes of his cat, who must save his owner from a most unfortunate event. 

Jon Ludwig is the artistic director of the Center for Puppetry Arts. He wrote and directed “Duke Ellington’s Cat” and joined Lois via zoom along with the show’s music director S. Renee Clark.

“Duke Ellington’s Cat” is on stage at the Center for Puppetry Arts through March 12. You can find more info here.