The College Park Skyhawks launch program to donate supplies to local schools

Atlanta Hawks player Miles Norris poses with a classroom at West Clayton Elementary School while delivering school supplies (Courtesy of Jerome Schiwich)

In West Clayton Elementary School, Miles Norris, a rookie two-way player for the Atlanta Hawks, walks into a classroom carrying a crate overflowing with markers, notebooks and crayons.

The professional basketball player says that this is a great way to get introduced to the community he’ll be playing in.

“It put a smile on my face to see excitement,” said Norris. “You know, it’s just an honor to be here, giving out supplies and seeing the kids and interacting with the kids as well.”

Joining him to meet the students were Colli Hawk, the Skyhawks mascot, and The CareSource mascot, Cuddles. Both organizations partnered to deliver supplies to the school of over 400 students and 60 faculty members.

Miles Norris arrives to West Clayton Elementary School to deliver school supplies to students and faculty. (Marlon Hyde/ WABE)

“What I’m seeing right now is just absolute bliss. Joy smiles, by the way, from the adults, as much as from the kids; how I feel is just my heart is full,” said Janice Koon, Atlanta Hawks Vice President of NBA G League and 2K League Operations.

West Clayton Elementary will be the first school to partner with the Sky Hawks for their inaugural “Colli’s Classroom” program. The Hawks G League team is partnering with the South Atlanta-based elementary school to donate supplies, develop programming and host events for the community.

“This is our first year. It’s our pilot program for ‘Collis classroom,’ So what we are doing, we are going to be in the school for the entire academic year,” said Koon.

“Anytime that teachers can be supported, that in turn helps and supports students,” said Zakiyya Whittle, assistant principal of the school.

She says this partnership is important for the school to serve predominantly low-income students.

The Skyhawks will plan at least two events per month at the school, including basketball clinics, service projects, and reading days.