Urban Institute conducts new study on the East Lake Initiative  

The East Lake Foundation helped provide food and other resources for local residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Urban Institute started a new initiative in East Lake that is one of the first effort to convert public housing into a mixed-income community in the U.S. (Photo courtesy East Lake Foundation)



East Lake Foundation

Brett Theodos, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute, says throughout the nation, cities were racialized and segregated by public housing and there have been attempts to revitalize — but nothing as significant as what happened with the East Lake community in Atlanta.

On Friday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Theodos talked with program host Rose Scott about the findings of a new study on the East Lake Initiative, one of the nation’s first efforts to convert public housing into a mixed-income community.

The Urban Institute is looking at the differences in East Lake relative to the differences in other places, said Theodos.

He further explained that the study does not examine outcomes of East Lake residents. But the study does look at racial composition, poverty and home values to understand the effect of the initiative.

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