Two Atlanta Bakers Appear On The Food Network’s New Show ‘Cakealikes’

Contestants Tasha Taylor and Christina Bjorn building main competition cake of Flavor Flav, as seen on “Cakealikes” season 1.

Courtesy of: Discovery+.

Cakealikes” is a new Food Network cake competition series on Discovery plus. The show challenges bakers to create life-sized cake replicas of famous celebrities. Two Atlanta bakers, Christina Bjorn and Tasha Taylor are a part of that competition. They are the dynamic duo known as “Bake Girl Magic.

Bjorn owns “Not Your Nana’s Bakery” and Taylor is the owner of “SugarHi Sweets Eats N Treats” in Atlanta. Their episode, along with others is available to stream now on Discovery+.

Interview Highlights:

About “Bake Girl Magic:”

“‘Bake Girl Magic’ is a sisterhood, right now comprised of myself and Tasha. It started as a partnership within the cake community, showing unity, growth, and support with each other in doing competitions and events where we can team up. It is really a play on words from the terminology ‘Black Girl Magic,’ which is a lot about empowering women of color and specifically Black women doing great things and entrepreneurial things with a sort of flare and swagger that is unmatched. *laughs* It’s something that we’re very proud of. And that’s something we take as Black women business owners and put it into the cake industry,” said Bjorn.

On creating a “cakealike” version of Flavor Flav:

“We tried our best to copy the picture to a T. Once we put all the elements on the cake, it will come to life itself,” said Taylor. Bjorn continued, “We were really focusing on the details. That’s the beauty of being a cake artist, you have some of the most interesting things to play with, like modeling chocolate and gold leaf. And that’s really important when you have someone who has a gold grill.”

How they each inspire the next generation of young bakers:

“One of my mottos is to ‘just do it.’ If it’s something you see or see another person doing that’s inspirational to you, reach out and see if they can give you any pointers, ideas or tips and go do it,” said Taylor. Bjorn added, “Yeah I agree. And one of my philosophies is ‘just because it’s already out there and someone is doing it, doesn’t mean you can’t do it too.’ Whatever God put in you is uniquely your talents and they need to be expressed.”