Two Men Hold Armed Protest Against Muslims At Ga. Capitol

Credit Al Such / WABE

 Two men demonstrated against Islam at the Georgia Capitol.

Two men and their firearms were vastly outnumbered by media and police presence Monday morning at a demonstration of their anti-Muslim feelings at the Georgia Capitol.

The protesters, James Stachowiak of Augusta and Florida pastor Terry Jones, railed against Islam outside the Georgia Capitol.  


The two had encouraged other supporters, who did not show up, to bring loaded weapons to the demonstration. That call prompted an abundance of security forces, including two helicopters, to monitor the event.

“Well obviously when you have a protest that’s claiming a controversial subject, and they tell us they’re bringing assault rifles, we’re going to one up ’em,” State Capitol Police Captain Lewis Young said.

The two men advocated, among other things, for banning Muslim refugees from the U.S. On several occasions during his speech, Stachowiak accidentally replaced the word “Muslim” with “Mexican.”