‘Visible Man’ Chronicles Last Two Decades Of Fahamu Pecou’s Art

"Visible Man" chronicles the past two decades of Fahamu Pecou's visual artwork.
Credit Photo courtesy Fahamu Pecou

A new book chronicles the past two decades of Fahamu Pecou’s rise to international art world fame, as well as his own personal and artistic evolutions.

The book’s title, “Visible Man,” is more than a passing reference to Ralph Ellison’s 1952 novel, “Invisible Man.” On “City Lights,” Pecou said the title is “a way of connecting past and present.” In his paintings, performance art and more, Pecou meditates on Black masculinity and the representation of Black bodies.

“What I’ve been working towards … is rendering the Black body visible, exposing the humanity in Black masculinity,” he said.

Visible Man” is published by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and is available now.