WABE News Quiz, Sept. 16, 2022


#1. Fishermen, shrimpers and business owners dependent on coastal tourism have filed lawsuits over what?

It’s pollution caused when the Golden Ray cargo ship capsized.

The two federal lawsuits filed last week in Georgia say the pollutants released by the capsize of the Golden Ray and the harm caused by the subsequent salvage operation have damaged the area’s sensitive marine ecosystem — and the plaintiffs’ livelihoods.

#2. This week, Sen. Raphael Warnock accepted his challenger Herschel Walker’s proposal for what?

It’s a debate.

The announcement continues weeks of jockeying between the two men, who are deadlocked in one of the nation’s marquee Senate contests.

#3. True of False: 2,000 Georgians work in the video game industry, which has an estimated $800 million impact in the state.

It’s true.

And with the continued worldwide growth of esports, many more are hoping to get in on the action.

#4. There was a protest this week in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood over what?

It’s the closure of Atlanta Medical Center.

Community members say closing AMC will limit access to emergency and primary care for minorities and people on low income.

#5. The founder of Patagonia announced this week he would ___________ to fight climate change.

It’s giving away his company.

The 84-year-old Yvon Chiounard announced Wednesday he is giving his entire outdoor apparel company away to a trust and a nonprofit. All future profits will be donated to help fight climate change.

#6. Which local journalist testified in the Fulton County special grand jury investigating alleged 2020 election interference?

It’s George Chidi of the Atlanta Objective.

Chidi testified before the special grand jury on July 13 after livestreaming a group of Republicans putting together an alternate Electoral College slate to present Donald Trump as the winner instead of Joe Biden at the Georgia State Capitol on Dec. 14, 2020.

#7. True or False: There is an art exhibition in Piedmont Park that you can climb on.

It’s True.

“Playscapes” by American artist and landscape architect Isamu Noguchi is a collection of interactive sculptures in the heart of Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. Built in 1976, it occupies a distinctive dual role as a large-scale work of modern art and a playground for children.