WABE News Quiz, September 23, 2022

Test your knowledge of current events with the WABE News Quiz for September 19-23.


#1. Expecting parents in Georgia can now claim what on their taxes?

It’s the embryo.

Pregnant Georgians can now claim their future children as dependents when filling out their tax forms, but what that will mean for their pocketbooks and for the state coffers remains unclear.

#2. The City of Atlanta is preparing to launch its own __________ service.

It’s ambulance.

In a response to uncertainties on the upcoming closing of Atlanta Medical Center and past complications with Grady EMS, Atlanta’s primary EMS dispatchers, the city is taking action by launching its own ambulance service.

#3. President Joe Biden declared an emergency in __________ after Hurricane Fiona left more than 1.3 million residents without power.

It’s Puerto Rico.

Exactly five years after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, killing at least 3,000 residents and causing the collapse of the island’s electricity system, Hurricane Fiona has once again left residents without power. NPR has put together a non-exhaustive list of how to help.

#4. True or False: Companies large and small in Atlanta are beginning to experiment in the metaverse.

It’s True.

“If we can at least get them in the metaverse and get them to be able to get around the city and get a flavor for what the city is about, then hopefully they will then travel here more quickly and we can go ahead and book that business,” said William Pate CEO of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Read and listen to more from this week’s episode of TechCast.

#5. Atlanta's oldest tavern is _________.

It’s Atkins Park.

The Virginia Highlands bar is celebrating its 100th anniversary! “City Lights” senior producer Kim Drobes spoke with owner Sandra Spoon on how the establishment has endured during a time when we often hear about older taverns shuttering.

#6. A bill was passed by the Senate this week to name an Atlanta post office after who?

It’s John Lewis.

A bill to name Atlanta’s main post office after the late Civil Rights leader and congressman John Lewis is poised to become law after passing the U.S. Senate on Wednesday.

#7. Out of the following, choose the topics that are top of mind for Georgia voters this election.

Select all that apply:

It’s abortion, inflation and guns.

Polls show K-12 education trailing among voter concerns in Georgia this year.

#8. Which Georgia-based company had a petition filed by workers to unionize this week?

It’s Home Depot.

Workers in Philadelphia have filed a petition with the federal labor board to form what could be the first store-wide union at the world’s largest home improvement retailer.

#9. WABE followed Ms. Peaches' fight for better conditions at the Forest Cove apartment complex for over year. This week, we reported she got a new ____.

It’s home.

After so many years of fighting at Forest Cove, Ms. Peaches has a place that’s decent and comfortable, where she can relax and create her home.


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