WABE's Week In Review: Cobb deputies killed after ambush and Kemp calls for FEMA aid to Georgia communities hit by flooding

Two Cobb County Sherriff’s deputies were killed in the line of duty Thursday night.

The two were attempting to issue a warrant near Marietta for a failure to appear on a theft by deception charge when they were ambushed.

“The deputies made an attempt at the home– knocked on the door, rang the doorbell,” said Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens.

No one answered, according to Owens.

“As they were going back to the car, a vehicle drove up, which they assumed was the suspect who lived there. And as they got back out of their car… shots were fired. ”

After a standoff of several hours, to suspects were arrested and are being held in custody.

Flooding cuts off potable water to thousands…

“We do have a creek that runs through right near the downtown area and it’s flooded occasionally but nothing ever to this extent,” said Summerville Mayor Harry Harvey.

Governor Brian Kemp has issued a state of emergency for the area to aid in recovery and is requesting more aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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