WABE's Week In Review: Georgia GOP divided future of party and Asian Americans find ways to teach their history

Weonhee Shin, the founder of Asian American Voices for Education, prepares a box of education materials that will be delivered to a local classroom. (Matthew Pearson/WABE)

As a funding vote nears, more action in the training center drama…

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Atlanta Police arrested three people who have worked to support protestors arrested at the planned public safety training facility and charged them with money laundering and charity fraud.

— WABE News (@wabenews) May 31, 2023

Being included in history class…

A grassroots group of Asian parents across Atlanta called Asian American Voices for Education, or AAVEd, is working to diversify lessons designed under Georgia’s educational standards to improve representation.

Closing a landfill..

DeKalb County is closing part of its municipal landfill. County officials say it’s because it’s reaching capacity.

Also in this episode…

—Sam Gringlas looks at how a debt ceiling vote and the upcoming Georgia GOP convention is clearly marking division in the party.

—Melissa Feito details the start of hurricane season.

—Julien Virgin goes inside Fulton County’s mobile mental health unit.

—Molly Samuel has more on the first new nuclear reactor built in the U.S. in decades now operating at full power in Georgia.

—And we have more on more than 16,000 acres of land in Bartow County now off-limits to the public.