WABE’s Week In Review: Jury selection begins in trial over Arbery death as Atlanta reviews old murder cases

In February of 2020, Travis and Gregory McMichael along with William Roddie Bryant chased Ahmaud Arbery in their vehicles. They said they were making a citizen’s arrest of Arbery, who they thought had broken into a nearby construction site.

During the confrontation, Arbery — who was out jogging — was shot and killed.

Police and the local district attorney did not arrest or charge anyone at the time. It was only several weeks later when video of the incident went viral that outside authorities stepped in to charge and arrest the three men.

Now jury selection is underway in Brunswick. Nearly 1,000 people received a jury summons for this case.

Atlanta’s child murders reviewed… 

In this May 24, 1999 file photo, convicted killer Wayne Williams poses along the fence line at Valdosta Sate Prison, Valdosta, Ga. PHOTO CREDIT: JOHN BAZEMORE/AP

This week, the Atlanta Police Department hand-delivered more than 40-year-old evidence from the Atlanta child murders cases to a private lab in Utah specializing in analyzing deteriorated DNA.

That technology for DNA testing was not available in 1982 when a jury found 23-year-old Wayne Williams guilty of two of the killings. But to this day, some remain skeptical that Williams was responsible for all the deaths of dozens of Black children across Atlanta.

Hear from Lou Arcangeli, a retired Atlanta Police Department deputy chief who worked on the murder cases. 

Ms. Juliet’s effort to stay in her home… 

Of art and basketball… 

The Atlanta Hawks commissioned local artist Muhammad Yungai to create a mural. PHOTO CREDIT: EMIL MOFFATT/WABE

Before the Atlanta Hawks’ first game of the season against Dallas, which the Hawks won 113-87, the team dedicated a mural in the city.

“It’s very colorful,” said local artist Muhammad Yungai, who was commissioned for the work. “It’s abstract the same way Atlanta is. It’s always flowing, always moving, always busy.”

The mural starts as a miniature basketball court on the ground and then extends up the front of a building on Flat Shoals Avenue.

The mural also features a basketball hoop with an image of the Atlanta skyline serving as the backboard.

Jarrett Ellis is with Hoop Dream Studios, which makes customized basketball hoops. PHOTO CREDIT: EMIL MOFFATT/WABE

“The only thing about it is trying to see if people are actually going to try and dunk on this hoop that’s here in the neighborhood,” said Jarrett Ellis with Hoop Dream Studios. “We do want to discourage that. This is not a live basketball rim.”

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