The Bakery Makes A Splash On Atlanta’s Westside

Perched along the edge of the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail is a maze of color, construction, and art. The Bakery, a former industrial warehouse, is the newest hub for Atlanta’s DIY arts, music, and culture scene.

Housed in 22,000 sq ft, The Bakery boasts a conference room, spaces for artists to rent, a main stage, a smaller stage, a patio to enjoy the weather, and its very own coffee shop.

Founder Willow Goldstein, who signed a 3-year-lease on the place, said “the whole project was basically a giant gamble” because she wasn’t sure if it was something “Atlanta would be interested in.”

Still, she put everything on the line.

“At about the same time that I started realistically pursuing the building that would become The Bakery, my grandmother passed away. So there was some money from my family that I was able to ask for to kind of put down for collateral for getting the space and the loan,” Goldstein told “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes. “I also put my house as collateral and basically everything that me and my mother own.”

Atlanta heard the call and before The Bakery officially opened answered in the form of a flooded inbox. Ranging from small art and music shows to full-scale multimedia installations like Ni Aquí Ni Allá, The Bakery has no shortage of events. In less than a year, the space is working to make itself a staple in Atlanta’s art scene.

“I really do want to run it as a sustainable business that gives people a platform to pursue their goals,” Goldstein said.

For upcoming shows, installations, yoga classes, and anything else you can probably imagine, check out The Bakery’s website.