Actor and producer Adetinpo Thomas enjoys empathy derived from good storytelling

Atlanta actor and producer Adetinpo Thomas. (Courtesy of Chase Anderson)

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This episode highlights Atlanta actor and producer Adetinpo Thomas

“My favorite part of being an actor and a producer is being able to participate in storytelling,” said Thomas.

“So much of this art form is about mirroring the human condition and I feel like honesty and compassion is a huge part of that. And the opportunity to give someone a chance to watch a life and an experience that they don’t have and find similarity in it is an opportunity to build empathy in someone else. Love that!”

Her favorite production she’s worked on thus far was a short that she produced with her film partner called “Clean Slate.”

“I enjoy it so much because I got to work with my friends. I mean, the budget was bubblegum, hugs, and high-fives, but the film won awards all over the world, and I’m really proud of that,” Thomas said.

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