Video Producer Maxwell Bentley's client-based filmmaking assists people from all walks of life

Atlanta-based video producer Maxwell Bentley. (Photography by Lola Scott and Nikola Bikar)

Atlanta is known as the Hollywood of the South, and City Lights is honored to highlight some of the many local professionals that help keep our city’s film and TV industry thriving. Today we feature video producer Maxwell Bentley.

“I have always been into filmmaking, ever since I was a kid, back when cameras had videotapes,” Bentley says. “I was always running around just capturing what was going on around me.”

When Tivo came out in the early 2000s, and Bentley was still a child, he noticed editing mistakes in his favorite tv shows and movies. He would grab the remote, roll back the video, and show his parents. “So, I always knew that I had eyes and ears that were built for film, and now I get to wake up every day and just do what I love…” Bentley said.

More information about Bentley’s work is available here.