Casting Director Erica Arvold revels in the collaborative efforts behind creative visions

Film and TV multi-hyphenate casting director Erica Arvold. (Courtesy of Madison Landis)

Atlanta is known as the Hollywood of the South, and City Lights is honored to highlight some of the many local professionals that help keep our city’s film and TV industry thriving. Today we feature film and TV multi-hyphenate casting director Erica Arvold.

“I got started and was interested in the film and television industry from a very early age,” Arvold says. “I had a wonderful habit of sneaking to my friend’s house watching television or going to the movies… and would keep a secret notebook of actors that I thought were amazing when I was 12 years old…”

Arvold thought that was a strange habit at the time and didn’t know it could lead to a career in the industry, but that was the start of a snowball effect that led to a multi-hyphenate career. 

Regarding the current Writers Guild of America strike greatly impacting the film and television industry, Arvold has this to say, “The current writer’s strike is a really important action that can lead to everybody in the industry benefiting.”

More information about Arvold’s work is available here.