What is sync licensing? Atlanta's Nikki Marshall explains the logistics of using music in film and television

Nikki Marshall works in sync licensing in the film and TV industry. (Courtesy of Melissa Alexander)

Atlanta is known as the “Hollywood of the South,” and WABE’s podcast “The Boom” takes a weekly look at our growing television and film industry. Our “City Lights” series “Speaking of ‘The Boom‘” amplifies the voices of local professionals who keep Atlanta’s moving picture business booming.

This episode highlights Nikki Marshall, senior manager in sync licensing for the label Empire. She coordinates and negotiates the use of music in film, television, video games and advertising.

“My favorite part of my job is being able to help musicians live their life, pay their bills and creating art,” said Marshall.

“I would say my second favorite is being close to the creation of music. I really love it. There’s something extremely magical about watching a song come to life.”

Her favorite production she’s worked on thus far is the Starz drama “P-Valley.”

“As a fan of the show, to be able to be pair producers and the music supervisor with amazing Atlanta talent and then to just see it all unfold so beautifully on the screen, it has been a high point in my career,” she said.

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