Atlanta’s Affordable Housing Crisis


Planning experts, researchers, developers and residents agree that metro Atlanta is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. No matter where in town you live, rents continue to rise while incomes fail to keep pace.

In this special series, “Closer Look” asks, “What is affordable housing, where is it, and what needs to be done to keep it?”


Atlanta Company Makes Buying A Home Like Getting A New Car

By Candace Wheeler • Oct. 10, 2017
Knock CEO and founder Sean Black previously worked as a founding team member for the real estate listings website Trulia. He’s taken that experience to his company Knock, which makes buying or selling a house more like buying and selling a car.

Metro Atlanta Seniors Struggle To Find Affordable Housing

By Candace Wheeler • May 12, 2017
By 2040, 1.2 million adults, age 65 and older, will be living in metro Atlanta by 2040. That figure comes from a recent report by the Atlanta Regional Commission titled “Metro Atlanta’s Senior Housing Shortage.”

BeltLine Visionary: Affordable Housing Issue Is A ‘Tsunami’

By Candace Wheeler • May 8, 2017
Last year Ryan Gravel, the visionary behind the BeltLine, made headlines when he resigned from the board of the BeltLine partnership.

Atlanta BeltLine Resident Moves Due To Increasing Rents

By Candace Wheeler • May 5, 2017
Fewer than 1,000 affordable housing units were created along the BeltLine as of February of this year. That’s according to a report released earlier this year which studied home price trends in the area.

BeltLine Lacks Adequate Number of Affordable Housing Units, Study Says

By Candace Wheeler • May 4, 2017
When construction on the BeltLine began, the city of Atlanta mandated that 5,600 affordable housing units be created over the life of the program.

10th & Juniper Offers Affordable Housing For Aging, Disabled

By Candace Wheeler • May 1, 2017
Located in Midtown, 10th & Juniper is one of 13 public housing assisted residential properties owned and operated by the Atlanta Housing Authority. Eleven of those 13 properties are senior high-rise communities and the other two are small family communities.

A Look At The Atlanta Board Of Education’s Affordable Housing Task Force

By Candace Wheeler • April 27, 2017
In January the Atlanta Board of Education announced a task force that would focus on affordable housing. Their purpose? To explore the possibility of re-purposing surplus APS facilities into affordable housing units.

Atlanta Housing Market Trends Driven By Schools, Millennials

By Candace Wheeler • April 26, 2017
Atlanta long has had a reputation for affordable housing. Compared to the national average, the city is still one of the most affordable, large metro areas.

Where Can Atlanta Renters Find Affordable Housing?

By Candace Wheeler • April 25, 2017
Renters will pay $975 to $1,050 for a Gwinnett County two-bedroom apartment with a pool, $1,100 for a Buckhead one-bedroom apartment with a workout facility, and $1,100 to $1,200 for a two-bedroom apartment for students near the Emory campus.

Mechanicsville Cityside Offers Homeownership At A Lower Cost

By Candace Wheeler • April 21, 2017
The term “affordable” can take on different meanings depending on whom you ask. Also, quality and affordability are not always one in the same. That’s something Mechanicsville Cityside is trying to change. 

Longtime Buckhead Renter Fears Having To Move

By Candace Wheeler • April 19, 2017

For the past two decades, Anne (who chose not to give her last name because she fears retribution from her landlord) has lived in the same two-bedroom apartment in Buckhead. It’s a brick building just off of Peachtree Street. In 1995, Anne began renting her apartment for just $600 per month. Now, 22 years later, her rent has increased and she is concerned about her ability to stay there.


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