Another New Cityhood Push in DeKalb County

A new cityhood push is underway in southern DeKalb County.Broadcast Version

The proposed City of South DeKalb’s organizers want a bill in next year’s legislative session. However, Kathryn Rice, who is leading the effort, says plans are in their first stages. The group does not have a sponsor for the bill or even the money for a feasibility study.

Rice says her group is still deciding on the exact boundaries. “At a minimum we’re looking at everything south of 285 excluding the cities,” said Rice. “But we would also like to include unincorporated Clarkston, and that’s up to them.”

The effort to incorporate the Stonecrest area died on the vine last year when a feasibility study said it was not financially viable. But Stonecrest City Alliance Leader Jason Lary says adding southern DeKalb County could make the difference because of its “sheer mass and size.”

Lary says he’s interested in hearing more about the South DeKalb proposal, but he is not agreeing  yet to team up, telling WABE, “We’re in discovery mode at this point.“

Rice says the focus of forming a new city in South DeKalb will be economic development.