Atlanta-based artist Leigh Ann Culver finds compassionate ways to retell Southern history

Atlanta Artist Leigh Ann Culver. (Courtesy of Shannon Stewart)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of Art,” local artists share insights into their influences, processes and experiences in town. This edition features artist Leigh Ann Culver.

“I use a variety of mediums, in particular, charcoal and paint, but I like to experiment with everything,” Culver says. “I also don’t shy away from glitter and sparkly paint, which is right now a really fun medium I’m into.”

Culver has been creating art ever since she can remember but started making art seriously in high school because it was the only thing she was good at. “I think a lot of people start off as artists as kids, and unfortunately, maybe they hear they’re not good enough, or they get bad criticism, or their parents don’t encourage it, and a lot of people drop it, but I’m really grateful that I decided to stick with it,” Culver said.

You can find Leigh Ann Culver’s work on Instagram here.