Atlanta-based comedian Amber Chandler pulls inspiration from life growing up in Georgia

Atlanta-based comedian Amber Chandler. (Courtesy of Lola Scott)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of Comedy,” Atlanta’s funniest locals share insights on the perks and perils of their profession. This edition features Atlanta-based comedian Amber Chandler.

Chandler first started doing comedy in 2018. “I had actually become friends with a local comedian Lace Larrabee. She started an all-female comedy class,” Chandler said.

“I’ve now been doing comedy for six years. I co-produce a festival. I co-produce multiple shows around Atlanta so I’m really thankful that she encouraged me to kind of follow my dream there and just jump right into it.”

Chandler likes to pull inspiration from the things that she loves, and few things are off-limits.

“I will make fun of my mama. I’ll make fun of my husband and, of course, myself. And also, growing up in middle Georgia, I kind of had a weird life, and just like crazy things happened to me, and I love talking about those things.”

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