Atlanta-based comedian Carlette Jennings' comedic voice pays homage to the funny people who raised her

Atlanta-based comedian Carlette Jennings (Courtesy of Tara Gulledge)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of Comedy,” Atlanta’s funniest locals share insights on the perks and perils of their profession. This edition features Atlanta-based comedian Carlette Jennings.

“My comedic inspiration? That is me up on that stage. It is literally who I am but I’d say it’s just an extreme version of who I am when I’m with my inner circle, particularly the Black women who’ve raised me and who grew up with me,” Jennings said. 

Some of that inspiration comes from people like her mother or her best friend, but it’s all what she’s come up with from years of being around naturally funny people with big personalities and lots of opinions. Her comedic voice pays homage to those folks.

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