Atlanta-based dance designer Nadya Zeitlin merges dance and theatre into 'site-specific dance'

Choreographer and dance designer Nadya Zeitlin. (Courtesy of Jordan Young)

Atlanta’s dance scene is vibrant and eclectic, and we are honored to highlight some of the many local dancers that move us with their movements in our ongoing series “Speaking of Dance.” For this edition, we highlight choreographer and dance designer Nadya Zeitlin. In this segment, Zeitlin was dancing to music by Zamilska.

“Dance was present in my life in various forms from childhood,” says Zeitlin. “But I became fascinated with contemporary dance after watching one of the shows from the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ family, and then I discovered a new dance theater and contemporary dance studio close to my home, and that’s when it all started.”

You can find out more about movement artist Nadya Zeitlin and her site-specific dance theatre company ‘Bautanzt Here’ by clicking here.