Atlanta-Based ‘Primed Fine Arts’ Makes Painting Accessible To Everyone

Andie Ashe and Alix Luce are the co-founders of Primed Fine Arts.
Andie Ashe and Alix Luce are the co-founders of Primed Fine Arts.
Credit Courtesy of Primed Fine Arts

Stay-at-home projects like cooking, knitting and puzzling have become a popular way to spend time during the coronavirus pandemic. Painting is no exception to that list. Primed Fine Arts is an Atlanta-based company that provides all the materials and instructions one needs to paint their very own work of art.

WABE’s Kevin Rinker talked with the founders of Primed, Alix Luce and Andie Ashe for “City Lights with Lois Reitzes.”

Several years after meeting at the University of Georgia in choir, Luce and Ashe reconnected in Atlanta. One night, over sushi, they came up with the idea for a company that provided painting supplies and instructions for creating a specific image in kit form.

“One of my favorite things is teaching people to love painting,” said Ashe.

And so Primed Fine Arts was born.

Kits range from levels 1 through 3 based on the difficulty of what you’re painting. They come with instructions, paint, a palette, brushes, and canvas. Images range from flowers and sunsets to cows and birds.

“I like really happy, colorful things,” said Ashe, “so that’s what I try to paint and I try to make it very accessible.”

As teachers, Luce and Ashe both have experience coming up with new ways to explain and teach difficult concepts.

“[Ashe] has so much experience with young kids painting, and she is really great at coming up with paintings and images that look really cool and fun and like something you would want to paint,” said Luce.

During the pandemic, Primed has seen increased demand for their kits as more and more people take on creative stay-at-home projects. Luce said some customers have even hosted their own virtual paint parties with friends and families using the kits.

For those who are hesitant to pick up a paintbrush, Luce and Ashe both believe there are no bad painters and that you’ll get better faster than you think.

“All it takes is the desire to want to do it,” said Ashe.

Correction: This story has been corrected with the proper spelling of Andie Ashe’s last name. 

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