Atlanta comedian Matthew English brings authentic voice to material as openly gay man

Atlanta-based comedian Matthew English. (Courtesy of Lola Scott)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of Comedy,” Atlanta’s funniest locals share insights on the perks and perils of their profession. This edition features Atlanta-based comedian Matthew English.

“I never thought that standup was something I could or would ever do,” English said. “I was bullied in high school for being gay, and closed myself off from everyone but a small group of friends.”

English finally found his voice as a student at Georgia State University when a professor told him his comedic voice was funny. “She unwittingly taught me how to keep a joke book, and I’ve filled up dozens since I took her class,” English says.

“I talk about sex, love, mental health, my dead mom, with an excited, almost manic energy,” English asserts. “I find it helps me remind the audience that they’re at a comedy show, and they are allowed to laugh.”

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