Attorneys, Hollmans continue to push criminal charges following $3.8 million settlement in Atlanta death

Attorneys representing the family of Deacon Johnny Hollman say he served on his church's deacon board and was very close with his family. (Courtesy of Davis Bozeman Johnson Law Firm)

The Atlanta City Council has voted unanimously to settle a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Atlanta with the family of Deacon Johnny Hollman for $3.8 million. Hollman, 62, died in Aug. 2023.

Former Atlanta police officer Kiran Kimbrough tased Holloman after he refused to sign a traffic ticket following a minor car accident. Hollman later died.

On Tuesday’s edition of “Closer Look,” show host Rose Scott spoke with Arnitra Hollman, the daughter of Deacon Hollman, and the family’s attorneys Mawuli Davis and Harold Spence.

In addition to Hollman talking about the last time she spoke with her father, Spence and Davis tell why police bodycam footage was helpful in detailing the altercation between Kimbrough and the deacon. 

All three guests noted that community support was critical to the lawsuit settlement.

They also discussed why they are still pushing for criminal charges to be filed against Kimbrough and the tow truck driver who responded to the accident, Eric Robinson.