'Extension of Self' workshop welcomes differently abled bodies at Georgia Tech Arts Festival

Peter L. Trojic, Ashlee Jo Ramsey-Borunov, and Courtney Michelle McClendon Dancers posed together in a Full Radius Dance photography studio photoshoot. (Courtesy of Bubba Carr)

As part of this year’s Georgia Tech Arts Festival, an ongoing conversation about the role of digital technology in humanity’s sense of self is exploring new territory… the physical expression of dance. Last year’s art exhibition, “Extension of Self: What it Means to Be Human in a Digital World,” has evolved into a new presentation with the Full Radius Dance Company… “Extension of Self: A Dance Between Human and Digital.”

The dancers will lead an integrated movement workshop welcoming those with disabilities and will present a film screening, all taking place April 14 at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center for the Arts. 

In this interview, Curator Birney Robert and Full Radius artistic and executive director Douglas Scott joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to speak about the collaborative production.

“Extension of Self: A Dance Between Human and Digital” is at the Ferst Center for the Arts on April 14. More information is available here.