Ga. Insurer Files Statewide Plans For Obamacare Exchange

Anthem, the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has filed plans to participate in the Obamacare exchange.
Credit Darron Cummings / Associated Press
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has taken the first step to continue participation in the Obamacare insurance exchange, by filing proposed plans with the state insurance commissioner.

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The company, which is owned by the health insurance firm Anthem, says it has filed plans for all regions of the state, including the 96 counties where it is the only provider in the marketplace.

The state filing is no guarantee that Blue Cross Blue Shield will offer coverage on the exchange next year, but it is the necessary first step.

Alliant Insurance, which operates mostly in northwest Georgia, has also filed plans for the marketplace, according to the state insurance office.

Officials say details of the proposed plans won’t be released until June 21.