Georgia organizations provide emergency relief amid government collapse and years-long crisis in Haiti

The front of a school in Haiti. (photo credit: Ghislaine)

A years-long crisis and government collapse is happening in Haiti.

It’s estimated that at least 200 gangs are controlling large swathes of territory and municipalities, mostly in Port-au-Prince. Government officials have declared a state of emergency and issued a curfew. The accelerating crisis is cutting off food supplies, limiting access to healthcare and forcing people from their homes.  

On Wednesday’s special edition of “Closer Look,” we hear from Ghislaine, an educator and school founder in Port-au-Prince. She talks about what life has been like in the city for the past three months.

Show host Rose Scott then talks with several guests about what their respective organizations are doing to provide emergency resources amid the crisis and their urgent requests for U.S. government officials, Congress and United Nations leaders. Guests include:

  • Alan Seelinger, the executive director of the Atlanta-based organization Light from Light