Georgia Has New Voting Machines. Here’s A Look At How To Use Them (Video)

New voting machines that combine touchscreens with paper ballots will be rolled out ahead of Georgia’s presidential primary.

Mike Stewart / Associated Press

This election, all in-person voters in Georgia will use the state’s new electronic voting machines to cast their ballots.

With early voting starting Monday in the state’s presidential primary, officials say to pack your patience and to allow for extra time to complete the process. The machines feature a touch-screen and produce a paper ballot for review.

To find an early voting location in your county click here.

You can find your voter registration status here.

This primary season is the first time voters statewide will use the devices. The machines were tested in local elections in selected counties last year.

Election Day for Georgia’s presidential primary is March 24. Georgia’s General Primary Election, as well as the Special Election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Johnny Isakson, is May 19.