Local folk singer and songwriter Adam Klein strums thoughtful messages in his music

Singer and Songwriter Adam Klein. (Courtesy of Adam Klein)

On City Lights’ series “Speaking of Music,” local musicians share work and stories in their own voices. 

In today’s segment, we feature Tucker singer and songwriter Adam Klein. “I write, record and perform folk, folk-rock, and Americana music,” Klein said.

“I play guitar mainly as a rhythm player, strumming and finger-picking, and I use the instrument as a vehicle to write songs.”

Klein has also written and released an album called “Dugu Wolo,” named after the village he lived in during his time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa.

Klein grew up in Athens, Georgia, and realized early in life that it was a unique musical and artistic town.

He was influenced by and came of age seeing incredible and legendary local acts. “I was just taken by the power and the aura of live music and its community and music in general,” Klein says. 

Klein’s new sociopolitical album released this Spring is called “Holidays in the United States” and was written at the height of the COVID pandemic and the racial reckoning of 2020. “I’m really proud of this album…” Klein commented.

Find more information about musician Adam Klein on Instagram here.