Operation Zero Tolerance Cracks Down on Drunk Driving

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Authorities across the state will be out in force this summer for the Operation Zero Tolerance campaign aimed at cracking down on drunk driving. The initiative began last week and will continue through the July 4th travel period. According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the state’s roadways are busies during the Fourth of July holiday break. Harris Blackwell, a spokesman for the office, says that’s why the program will have a special emphasis this week.

“You’ll see an increased presence of patrol officers on the road who are looking for those who are not maintaining lanes or exhibiting other signs of driving under the influence,” Harris says.

And, he says, they’re also taking pro-active measures.

“You will see an increased number of road checks where officers will be looking for people who are, in some way, impaired either by drugs or by alcohol,” Harris explains.

Blackwell says the recent drop in gas prices will likely mean this Fourth of July will be busier than usual.

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