South Fulton condominium complex investigation uncovers theft among HOA board members

Camelot Condominiums Club located near Old National Hwy in South Fulton (DorMiya Vance/WABE).

An investigation into the homeowners association of a condominium complex on Atlanta’s Southside recently resulted in multiple charges against two former board members.

South Fulton police accused Bettye Ligon and Lyndon Baldwin Sr. of stealing $1.5 million during their terms on the Camelot condominium HOA board. 

Authorities say Ligon and Baldwin Sr. kept insurance funds after multiple fires in the privately owned complex three years ago. 

Members of the Camelot community, like Condia Perry, say issues within the board have gone on for years, so the latest charges were no surprise. 

“When people hear what’s going on here, it’s just so outrageous. They just think it can’t be true. There’s more to the story, but there isn’t.”

Buildings in the complex are run down, while some are still in disrepair since the back-to-back fires. Mold infestations and rats plague some of the units. Just this year, police confirmed six homicides happened in the area. 

Camelot received significant attention last year when South Fulton’s Mayor khalid kamau moved there despite the complaints of unsafe conditions.

Linda Pritchett is a city council member for South Fulton. She says she understands the continuous frustration from residents. 

‘It’s always a serious situation when people live in an area that’s unsafe. The issue is that people want instant results,” Prichett said. “That’s not how it works when you have to, like, unravel all the layers of things that are going on in Camelot.”

Recently, the owners and residents of the complex agreed to a consent order. The order would help bring the homes in the complex up to code.

Muhammed Dumbuya owns some property in Camelot.  He believes it is time to rebuild the community, but the board’s lack of accountability made things difficult.

“We’ve never had a fair shot because we’ve always been victim of a rogue HOA,” Dumbuya said. “That’s a lot of money that could have changed the whole community. This shouldn’t be the story right there.”

WABE asked for comment from former board members Ligon and Baldwin Sr., but they did not respond by the deadline request. Police confirm they are further investigating other issues at Camelot.