WABE News Quiz, October 14, 2022


#1. What popular comedian filed a lawsuit over a Hartsfield-Jackson drug search program this week?

It’s Eric André.

Comedians Eric André and Clayton English filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court in Atlanta alleging that they were racially profiled and illegally stopped by Clayton County police at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

#2. Which of the following is Georgia’s state reptile and, according to wildlife officials, is no longer an endangered species?

It’s the Gopher Tortoise.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined this month that the gopher tortoise – at least in the eastern portion of its range – is doing well enough without federal protection.

#3. True or False: Democratic U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker are set to debate in Savannah on Friday.

It’s True.

Friday’s debate in Savannah between Warnock and Walker will be the first and likely only time the two candidates meet on a debate stage. Walker has not accepted the Atlanta Press Club debate taking place on Sunday.

Here are five things the WABE politics team thinks you should look for during the debate.

#4. A new poll released Wednesday shows that a majority of Georgians continue to oppose what?

It’s restrictive abortion laws.

According to a poll released Wednesday by the Georgia News Collaborative, nearly 62% objected overall, with about 54% saying they strongly opposed it. Black respondents were the most adamantly against it, with 86.4% of them saying they firmly disapprove of the law.

#5. The FDA has officially declared a shortage of what drug?

It’s Adderall.

The FDA confirmed the nation is experiencing a shortage of Adderall after many pharmacies around the country have been unable to fill prescriptions and keep up with demand.

#6. Beloved British actress Angela Lansbury died this week at 96. Which show is she most famous for?

It’s “Murder She Wrote.”

Although Lansbury was already an accomplished broadway performer, her widest fame began in 1984 when she launched “Murder, She Wrote” on CBS. The series was based loosely on Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple stories.

#7. High school graduation rates in Georgia have ________?

It’s increased.

Georgia’s high-school graduation rate increased in 2022 to 84.1% from 83.7% in 2021.

#8. Employees from which Atlanta-based company will have the chance to vote on unionizing in November?

It’s Home Depot.

The federal labor board has scheduled a November vote on a petition from Home Depot workers in Philadelphia to form what could be the first storewide union at the world’s largest home improvement retailer.


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