WABE's Week In Review: Advocates say 'divisive concepts' in schools will cause confusion and some 200 DeKalb residents need a new home

One tenant of the Forest at Columbia Apartments stands to protest at the complex entrance (DorMiya Vance/WABE)

Georgia students are back in school and a significant issue educators are dealing with is the state’s “divisive concepts” law.

HB 1084 bans nine concepts. Some are straightforward. For example, teachers can’t say one race is superior to another. Others are more controversial: educators can’t teach that the U.S. is fundamentally racist. Brock Boone, an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, says the language is unclear.  

“Whenever laws are vague and confusing, and teachers and educators face the fear of violating something, it has the result of silencing speech,” said Boone

Nowhere to escape the heat…

Climate change is making Atlanta hotter. The city is having one of its hottest years on record. And for some residents, there is nowhere to beat the heat.

For others, they have no choice but to be out in the heat on a daily basis.

As part of our ongoing series “The Heat Effect,” we look at how construction workers are coping.

Also in this episode…

DorMiya Vance reported on some 200 residents in a South Dekalb housing complex whose leases were unexpectedly and abruptly terminated.

Lily Oppenheimer looked at how Atlanta is one of the most impacted city’s in the country when it comes to inflation.