What happens when you take years of pent-up travel demand, and charge more money for fewer services?

In this edition of 'Pretty Penny', host Jim Burress and guest, travel analyst Henry Hardefeldt , discuss trends in travel demand and pricing.

If you’ve flown this summer, you probably paid a premium for the ticket. $339.85 was the average price for Atlanta passengers. That’s according to federal data from the first quarter of 2022. 

That’s about 85 dollars more, accounting for inflation than what you’d pay for that same flight pre-pandemic.

Then factor in two years of pent-up travel demand, a summer ripe with flight disruptions and cancellations, supply chain issues that lead to increased costs for dining, rental car shortages, and more expensive bookings at hotels and companies like Airbnb. 

For the latest in our “Pretty Penny” series, travel analyst Henry Hardefeldt sat down with WABE’s ‘All Things Considered’ to discuss trends in the sector and why customers are reaching a breaking point with these sky-high prices.

Lily Oppenheimer contributed to this report.