Atlanta ballet artist Rachel Van Buskirk enjoys the illusive, ever-moving nature of dance

Atlanta dancer and Terminus Modern Ball Theater co-founder Rachel Van Buskirk. (Courtesy of Christina Massad)

Atlanta’s dance scene is vibrant and eclectic, and we are honored to highlight some of the many local dancers that move us with their movements in our ongoing series “Speaking of Dance.” This edition highlights Atlanta dancer and Terminus Modern Ballet Theater co-founder Rachel Van Buskirk.

Rachel was originally trained in classical ballet but has been very fortunate to be introduced to different dance styles throughout her professional career, like contemporary movement.

“At Terminus, we’ve focused mostly now on Contemporary Ballet, which takes our classical roots and backgrounds and kind of uses different pathways through those classical forms,” Van Buskirk says.

“And we also incorporate human gestures and modern-day stories as our backdrop.”

In this segment, Rachel Van Buskirk was dancing to “Dominoes” by Jungle. You can see Rachel perform with Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre in a show titled “Out of the Box” on Sept. 23, 24, 30, and Oct. 1 at Terminus’ White Box Theater in Buckhead. You can find out more about the movement artist here.