Carlos Carvajal on pursuing his passion for stand-up comedy for his children

Atlanta comedian Carlos Carvajal, also known as "Carlos da Comedian." (Courtesy of Carlos Carvajal)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of Comedy,” Atlanta’s funniest locals share insights on the perks and perils of their profession. This edition features Atlanta-based comedian Carlos Carvajal (Carlos da Comedian).

Carvajal has pursued stand-up comedy for over a year now. He enjoys being an Atlanta-based comedian because of the versatility the city has to offer.

“The biggest driving force for me doing it [comedy] is just my kids. I want to show them that you can follow your dreams and be successful following something that you’re passionate about,” said Carvajal, who aspires to be the first in his family to start the lineage of generational wealth.

You can find more information about Caravajal’s latest stand-up shows here.