The Fight Against 21st Century Human Trafficking: A Talk with Journalist Christine Dolan

This interview is part of WABE’s continuing coverage of the fight against human trafficking in Georgia.

Educators from around Georgia gathered at the Carter Center in Atlanta on May 13 and 14, for a conference on human trafficking, organized by the State Department of Education.  

The purpose was to help teachers, counselors and other educators keep children from becoming victims of human trafficking, especially in the child sex trade.  

One of the featured speakers was journalist Christine Dolan, a former political director at CNN.  Dolan wrote a groundbreaking study of human trafficking 13 years ago.  

She told the conference that human trafficking today is simply slavery–but it takes many forms, and its operations are constantly changing.  She said that means communities need to adopt new ways of fighting it.  Broadcast VersionExpanded Version

Dolan spoke with WABE’s Denis O’Hayer.