For Keeps Bookstore: A community space in the historic Auburn Avenue neighborhood

For Keeps Bookstore owner Rosa Duffy talks about her shop that specializes in rare, African-American literature. (Candace Wheeler/WABE)

In the second installment of Closer Look’s “Open for Business” series we take a trip to Auburn Avenue’s For Keeps Bookstore. The store, which recently opened, specializes in rare, African-American literature.

While many of the books are on sale for as little as $5 dollars, some are collectibles and not for sale. It’s founder and owner Rosa Duffy says she hopes that people come in, sit, read the material and find connections to both the books and each other.

She says she envisions the space to be more than just a bookstore.

“It’s really a place for nostalgia and it’s also a community space,” says Duffy. “So I want people to go through things and because it’s such a niche subject they know that they’re all here for the same reasons and they can talk to each other about the material.”

You can visit For Keeps at 171 Auburn Ave, Unit H1, Atlanta, Ga. 30303 or check them out on Instagram here.

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