ArtsXchange exhibit celebrates late Civil Rights leader Dr. Doris Derby

"Doris In Paradise" Dr. Doris Derby in 2019. (Nafisa Valita Sheriff)

Dr. Doris Derby was a cultural anthropologist, educator, author, photographer, Civil Rights icon and scholar who many considered a visionary.

As an indelible foot soldier of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Derby photographed the everyday human life of African Americans in contrast to images of children blasted by fire hoses and peaceful protesters being attacked by dogs and police officers.

“Now is the Day: A Life Well Lived” is an archival exhibition curated by Courtney Brooks, celebrating Dr. Derby’s private and public accomplishments.

In this interview, artist and curator Courtney Brooks joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to talk more about Dr. Derby’s legacy and the exhibit. 

“She just showcased this light that resonated wherever she was,” Brooks said.

“Now is the Day: A Life Well Lived” is on view at ArtsXchange through June 10. More information is available here.