OneGoal aims to help local students transition from high school to college

OneGoal is a the three-year college readiness program. (Courtesy of OneGoal)

LaShanti Holland, who graduated from Benjamin E. Mays High School in 2021, says she was very nervous about making the transition from high school until she discovered the three-year college readiness program OneGoal.

“The first semester in college isn’t easy — but OneGoal makes sure they are there for you mentally, financially, everything — [overall] very supportive, ” said Holland.

Holland, a OneGoal alum, and OneGoal executive director Taylor Ramsey were guests on Monday’s edition of “Close Look.”

They spoke with Rose Scott about how the program is working to provide financial support and other resources to local students.

“If we can get students to bridge from high school through that first year, their chances of ultimately graduating — which is the goal, after all — are much higher,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey further explained some of the financial and social barriers many students face while pursuing their degree and discussed partnerships that OneGoal has with area schools.