‘Visible sheen’ of jet fuel remains on Flint River after 700-gallon spill from Hartsfield-Jackson

GA EPD and Atlanta airport officials are continuing to clean up a 700-gallon jet fill spill in the Flint River, a major water source.

Wikimedia Commons

As Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport officials continue to clean up a massive jet fuel spill into the Flint River, some are asking why the public wasn’t informed of a 700-gallon spill into a main water source.

That is until Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Kelly Yamanouchi broke the story. She’s been tracking jet fuel and sewage spills from the airport into the river for years.

GA EPD told WABE there’s still a visible sheen of fuel on the river – and residents shouldn’t panic over a strong smell of jet fuel in some areas south of Hartsfield-Jackson. Officials say any potential risk to the public from the fumes is low.

In the event of a spill, the airport has to report it to the state. But the state does not have to amplify that report to the public.

Yamanouchi explained on WABE’s “All Things Considered” why she believes state agencies did not sound the alarm.